Other Conservation Activities

Christmas Bird Count - Dec. 16

Peregrine FalconThis year’s local Christmas Bird Count (CBC) took place on Sunday, December 16.  If you participated in the count, be sure to submit your numbers to Jim Schowe at jim.schowe@gmail.com as soon as possible. In January, we'll report on the species and numbers of individual birds observed by our counters!

The National Audubon Society conducted the first Christmas Bird Count in 1900, making it the Western Hemisphere’s longest-running wildlife census and one of the world's greatest ongoing citizen-science efforts. Scientists use the data gathered to help track trends in bird populations and address conservation issues.

Participants in the 2017 CBC in Muncie tallied 53 species and 5,289 individual birds, including a Peregrine Falcon, a Bald Eagle, two Northern Pintails, three Ruddy Ducks, and three Purple Finches, among others. Click to see the full list.

Chimney Swift tower

Chimney SwiftThe Friends of the Limberlost organization (Geneva, Ind.) is erecting a Chimney Swift tower, thanks in part to materials donated by our chapter. More details and photos will be coming soon!

Because of old growth forest loss and and the capping or destruction of chimneys, artificial towers can provide Chimney Swifts with much-needed nesting and roosting habitat.

If you'd like to learn how to build and erect a Chimney Swift tower on your property, visit www.chimneyswitfts.org.